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Bingo Was Almost Cortana’s Name-O

Microsoft is well-known for its uncomfortable relationship with branding, but Cortana is the rare exception of them getting it just […]

Throwback: Nokia Lumia 1020 (Premium)

The Nokia Lumia 1020 changed everything when it arrived in July 2013, three years after Microsoft first launched its Windows […]

Gates Gets It Wrong Again on Windows Mobile (Premium)

Gates Gets It Wrong Again on Windows Mobile (Premium) – Premium In an interview on CNBC, Microsoft co-founder Bill […]

Remembering the Affordable Flagship (Premium)

I’ll be evaluating the recently-announced Google Pixel 3a XL this week. But let’s see. A mid-range smartphone with a high-end […]

Bring Out Your Dead (Premium)

In memory of the beloved Microsoft consumer products and services that have been ripped from our cold, dead hands. The […]

Apple’s Video Service Will Succeed Where Microsoft Failed (Premium)

And maybe Apple, of all companies, will be the one that actually succeeds in breaking past that simplistic and unscalable […]

Windows 10 Mobile Is Dead Dead

Windows 10 Mobile is dead. No, I am being serious. Yes, for real for real. It is dead. Dead dead. […]

Android is Using AI to Fulfill the Promise of Windows Phone (Premium)

Anyone still pining away for Windows phone needs to pay attention to how Google is evolving Android with AI capabilities. […]

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