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Cortana and Alexa Integration Launches in Public Preview

Just about one year ago, Microsoft and Amazon announced a major partnership: both the companies are teaming up to integrate […]

Microsoft’s Precision Mouse Now Available in a Sleek New Black Variant

Along with the Surface Book 2, Microsoft launched a new Precision Mouse. The company’s Surface Book 2 was aimed towards […]

Microsoft’s VR Social Network Now Lets You Build Custom Worlds

Microsoft is rolling out a major update to its VR social network, AltSpaceVR. Back in June, Microsoft added a new […]

Google Just Took a Huge Shot at Windows and Mac in New Chromebook Ad

Remember Scroogle? Well, Google just released a very similar ad for Chromebooks. The company is taking shot at Windows and […]

Microsoft Raises Prices on Core Enterprise On-Premises Offerings

Microsoft this week quietly revealed that it will “adjust”—e.g. “raise”—the price of some of its core enterprise on-premises products. “Microsoft […]

New Microsoft Book Documents People-Centric Hacks

Microsoft’s annual hackathon week, the One Week Hackathon, starts today. Engineers and teams from around the company will be working […]

Microsoft Continues To Enhance To-Do with new ‘Important’ List

A few weeks back, I switched from Todoist to run Microsoft’s To-Do full time for my task-based needs. Since the […]

Tech Giants Join Forces to Enable Seamless Data Transfer Across Platforms

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are launching a new project to enable seamless transfer of data across platforms. The tech […]