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Android Studio Moves to a New Versioning Scheme

Google’s mobile app development suite is moving to a new year-based versioning scheme to better align it with the timing […]

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is Now Available for .NET Apps

Microsoft announced today that it’s Edge-based WebView 2 is now available for developers to use in .NET 5, .NET Core, […]

WinUI 3.0 Preview 3 is Now Available

17 Nov 20 | Dev, Windows, WinUI 3.0

Microsoft announced today that the third preview of WinUI 3.0, its new user interface technology, is now available. “Preview 3 […]

Gears 5 Developers Saw Massive Performance Benefits with Visual Studio 2019

The developers behind The Coalition’s blockbuster game Gears 5 say that using Visual Studio 2019 improved the project’s build times […]

Microsoft Ships .NET 5.0

10 Nov 20 | .NET 5, Dev, Windows

Microsoft announced today that it is releasing .NET 5.0—alongside C# 9 and F# 5—as an upgrade to .NET Core 3.x. […]

Raspberry Pi Launches a $70 PC in a Keyboard

Taking a design cue from the Commodore and Amiga computers of the 1980s and 1990s, Raspberry Pi today announced a […]

Microsoft Announces New PlayFab Pricing

Microsoft’s PlayFab managed game services now offer a new Pay-as-you-Go plan with no minimum monthly commitment. “This plan is ideal […]

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is Now Generally Available

Microsoft announced today that its the first version of its Chromium-based Edge WebView2 developer technology is now generally available. “We […]