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YouTube Gets Flex Mode Support for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip

Posted April 23, 2020 | Galaxy Z Flip | Hardware | Windows | YouTube

Samsung first introduced its second-generation foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, back in February of this year. The new device already offers optimisations for apps like Google Maps and Play Store to make better use of the foldable display, and it’s now getting an improved YouTube experience.

Samsung announced on Wednesday that the improved YouTube experience for the Galaxy Z Flip is part of the company’s continued partnership with Google. In fact, Samsung and Google engineers apparently worked together to “redesign” the app from the “operating system level.”

Flex mode on the YouTube app works just how you’d expect: when you have the device half-folded, the display will split into two 4-inch screens, with the video taking up the top half. the other half can be used to view the video description, search for other videos, write comments, etc.

The updated YouTube app will automatically adjust videos on the top screen, with square and vertical videos “nearly” fitting the entire screen space, while 16:9 videos will simply adjust to the center.

“Through the collaboration, Samsung has worked closely with the Android developer community to drive innovation for foldable devices,” said Samsung, reiterating the importance of the company’s partnership with Google.

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