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Redesigned Android TV is Reportedly in the Works

Posted May 6, 2020 | Android | Android TV | Chromecast | Google | Hardware | Nest | Windows

Back in March, we reported that Google could be working on a new Chromecast Ultra device powered by Android TV. At the time, reports claimed that Google was working on a full-fledged streaming device powered by Android TV, which would allow users to watch content from apps like Netflix and YouTube without needing a phone.

Today, a new report from Protocol further confirms the new device, which will apparently be under Google’s Nest brand. Google has recently embraced the Nest brand for its smart-home devices, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see its upcoming streaming device boast the Nest branding.

The new streaming device will look more like a Roku or Fire TV Stick, the report claims. It will include a dedicated remote, integrated Google Assistant, and support Google Stadia.

Google is also apparently planning to launch a new version of Android TV with the new streaming device. The company is reportedly working on a new user interface for Android TV that will focus more on movies and TV shows over apps. The new interface is said to be similar to Amazon’s Fire TV interface.

The new version of Android TV will even reduce hardware requirements, which will benefit third-party product makers, letting them make Android TV products at reduced costs.

Google’s new interface for Android TV is expected to first launch on its upcoming streaming device. Another report claimed earlier this week that Google is apparently planning to rebrand Android TV to Google TV. The company is said to be working with popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ to better integrate their streaming services into Android TV’s upcoming content-focused interface.

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