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Now YouTube is Going PWA Too

Posted January 26, 2021 | Dev | Progressive Web Apps | PWAs | Windows | YouTube

15 months after it converted YouTube Music into a Progressive Web App (PWA), Google has done so with its flagship YouTube web app as well.

There’s no announcement that I can see, but then there’s not much to discuss here: The only change is that you will now see an “Install YouTube” (or similar) link when you browse to the site using a modern web browser like Microsoft Edge. Once installed, YouTube will appear alongside your other apps in Start and will run in its own window, instead of a browser tab.

But that’s about it: According to various reports, Google has done the minimum to make YouTube a PWA, and the web app does not support key PWA functionality like offline usage or downloading. That’s OK: I still prefer using many apps in this mode, and just converting to PWA opens the door to further improvements.

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