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Microsoft 365 Copilot is Coming Soon to OneNote

Posted April 6, 2023 | Cloud | Microsoft 365 | Microsoft 365 Copilot | Office 365 | OneNote | Windows

OneNote is joining the growing list of Microsoft apps to be upgraded with generative AI capabilities. The new Microsoft 365 Copilot is indeed coming soon to OneNote where it will be able to summarize content from a note and help users to create to-do lists or other types of content with ease.

“As your notetaking partner, Copilot uses your prompts to draft plans, generate ideas, create lists, organize information, and more. Copilot can transform existing text by summarizing, rewriting, formatting, and adding visual context,” the OneNote team explained.

OneNote users will be able to interact with the Microsoft 365 Copilot using natural language, just like the company’s Bing chatbot works. The Microsoft 365 Copilot will also provide links to sources (something ChatGPT doesn’t do) and prompt users to fact-check its content.

Microsoft also emphasizes that its Microsoft 365 Copilot follows its Responsible AI Standard, and the company worked with researchers and policy experts to make sure that users won’t be exposed to harmful content. Lastly, the company also guarantees that it’s not using customer data to train the large language models used by its Microsoft 365 Copilot.

In addition to OneNote, Microsoft announced last month that its new Microsoft 365 Copilot will soon be embedded into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more. Copilot is set to appear in these apps in the coming months, though Microsoft has yet to share details about pricing and licensing.

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