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Justin Long is No Longer a Mac in New Intel Ads

Posted March 17, 2021 | Apple | Apple M1 | Hardware | Intel | Intel Evo | Mac and macOS | Mobile | Windows | Windows 10

Intel is finally stepping up its campaign against Apple Silicon with a new series of ads promoting PCs that star Justin Long of “I’m a Mac” fame.

“Hello, I’m a M…” Mr. Long says at the beginning of each of the ads. “… Justin. Just a real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC.”

Each of the ads focuses on a key aspect of Intel’s new PR blitz.

In the first video, Long compares the diverse PC ecosystem of choice with what you get on the Mac: “Gray … and grayer.” The second video examines multitouch displays, in which the Mac has “a little baby bar” and Siri misunderstands something Long says and delivers a ridiculous search result. The third video again focuses on the versatility of the PC market, this time with regards to 2-in-1s that can switch between laptop and tablet modes, as compared to the Apple ecosystem where you need multiple devices, peripherals, and dongles to achieve the same.

In the fourth video, Long uncovers another soft underbelly of the Mac, its inability to play modern and popular games; “No one really games on a Mac,” a PC gamer intones. And then the Mac embarrassment wraps up in the fifth video with a look at multiple monitor support, which the Mac lacks.

They’re funny because they’re true.

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