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Google Rolls Out Fuchsia OS to First-Generation Nest Hub

Posted May 25, 2021 | Android | Google | Google Fuchsia | Hardware | Mobile | smart home | Windows

Google confirmed that the latest update for the original Nest Hub replaces the underlying Linux-based OS with its homegrown Fuchsia OS, marking the first time that the firm has deployed Fushcia in a shipping product.

News of the release of Fushcia arrived via 9to5Google, whose users noticed the name, triggering a confirmation from Google. According to the search giant, the Nest Hub was originally running a Linux-based platform called Cast OS. And its replacement with Fuchsia is something that users shouldn’t even notice, in large part because the user interface was created with the cross-platform Flutter framework.

Google has been developing Fuchsia for years, at first secretly and then, more recently, more in the open. It was designed as a replacement for something called Andromeda—no, not the Microsoft Andromeda—that would have combined Chrome OS and Android into a single platform. Fuchsia is designed in large part to sever the firm’s reliance on technologies like Linux and Java that it does not control.

Fuchsia will run Android apps, so many believe that Google’s dream of having its own OS for a variety of device classes remains alive.

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