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The Lure of Sonos (Premium)

The Lure of Sonos (Premium) – Premium We were sitting in the sunroom late one Friday night in mid-2020, […]

It’s the End of the Road for Google Play Music

This month, Google will finally take the final step in replacing Play Music with YouTube Music: It is deleting all […]

Google Play No Longer Sells Music

As part of its phased migration from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, Google no longer sells music from its […]

A Little Google Takeout (Premium)

A Little Google Takeout (Premium) – Premium Thanks to my transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, Google […]

Moving to YouTube Music: A Mini-Review

Some transitions are straightforward and seamless while others are disruptive and unwelcome. On that note, my experience moving from Google […]

Google Play Music Shut Down Starts in September

Google revealed today via a support document that it will begin shutting down its Google Play Music service in September, […]

The Transition to YouTube Music Begins

Google says that Google Play Music users will soon be prompted to transition to YouTube Music and Google Podcasts. I […]

Report Claims There Are 358 Million Music Service Subscribers

A new report claims that online music streaming grew 32 percent in 2019 to 358 million subscribers. Spotify is the […]