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Getting There: Mexico City, January 2022 (Premium)

16 Jan 22 | Paul, Premium, travel, Windows

Our path to Mexico was inspired by some pandemic-era research and a dawning realization that everything would change. The post […]

More Mobile: Black Friday (Premium)

More Mobile: Black Friday (Premium) – Premium Like many of you, I pay attention to the Black Friday deals […]

Power Problems (Premium)

Power Problems (Premium) – Premium When my wife and I drove to Washington D.C. this past weekend, I used […]

More Mobile: NAS No More (Premium)

A few weeks ago, I received an email I had been expecting for some time: my Western Digital NAS will […]

What I Use: Paris 2021 (Premium)

What I Use: Paris 2021 (Premium) – Premium Having completed an epic and long-overdue trip to Paris last week, […]

More Mobile? (Premium)

With an eye on a more mobile future, I’ve been experimenting with alternative PC setups for both productivity and entertainment. […]

What I Use: Mexico 2021 (Premium)

We drove through the desert in a car with no name. We road in a hot air balloon. We sailed […]

Problemas (Premium)

15 Aug 21 | Paul, Premium, travel, Windows

As Tolkien observed of writing The Lord of the Rings, “this tale grew in the telling.” And so it went […]