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Vinyl (Premium)

Vinyl (Premium) – Premium I previously defined a hipster as someone who is nostalgic for a past that they […]

The Lure of Sonos (Premium)

The Lure of Sonos (Premium) – Premium We were sitting in the sunroom late one Friday night in mid-2020, […]

New Tech for a New Year (Premium)

My wife and I decided to take a step back this Christmas and give each other, and the kids, one […]

Sonos Sues Google for Patent Infringement Again

For the second time this year, smart speaker maker Sonos has sued Google for infringing on its patent portfolio. Sonos, […]

Panos Panay May Be Joining the Board of Sonos

This past week has been quite busy for Microsoft and specifically Panos Panay. With the official launch of the Surface […]

Google Countersues Sonos

Google has countersued Sonos, alleging that the smart speaker maker made false claims against it and stole its intellectual property. […]

Paul’s Tech Makeover: Powerline Networking (Premium)

Paul’s Tech Makeover: Powerline Networking (Premium) – Premium While I still plan to wire Ethernet into my home office, […]

Sonos Releases Its S2 App

08 Jun 20 | Sonos, Windows

Sonos today released the S2 version of its smart speaker OS and mobile app and renamed the legacy versions to […]