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Sony Begins Manufacturing the PlayStation 5

Sony announced today that it has begun manufacturing the PlayStation 5 and is on track for a global holiday 2020 […]

PlayStation 5 Still on Track for 2020, Sony Says

As part of its quarterly earnings report, Sony said that its next-generation PlayStation 5 video game console was still “on […]

Sony Unveils its PlayStation 5 Controller

While Microsoft has unveiled much of its next-generation hardware, Sony has been much slower at announcing details around the PlayStation […]

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the Missing Xbox Series X Link

This week has been filled with gaming-related news. On Monday, Microsoft pulled back the curtains on the Xbox series X […]

Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Details

Sony is finally revealing details of its next-generation Playstation console. The company today revealed details of the PlayStation 5, including […]

Sony’s PS5 Dev Kit Spotted in the Wild

It should come as little surprise that gaming studios are starting to get their hands on next-generation hardware. Specifically, the […]

Sony to Launch PlayStation 5 in Holiday 2020

Sony confirmed today that it will launch its next-generation PlayStation video game console in time for the holiday 2020 selling […]

Sony Talks About Next-Gen PlayStation, Demonstrates Super Fast Load Times

Sony has been talking quite a lot about the PlayStation 5, the company’s next-gen console. The company recently detailed some […]