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Safari 15 bug leaks your open tabs and Google Accounts

17 Jan 22 | Mac

A bug has been discovered in Safari 15 that could leak Mac, iPhone and iPad users’ browser activity, and make […]

Keep your files safe with this 100GB cloud backup

15 Jan 22 | Mac

You have a limited amount of space on your mobile devices, and you don’t have to use half of it […]

The Humble Bundle game service is ending Mac support

14 Jan 22 | Mac

Humble is a game service that is known for its Bundles, curated collections of independent games where buyers can not […]

The best deals right now for every Apple product

14 Jan 22 | Mac

The holiday shopping frenzy may be over, but we keep a check on the best Apple deals throughout the year. […]

If you were hoping to stick with iOS 14, you may be out of luck

14 Jan 22 | Mac

When iOS 15 arrived in September, iPhone users had a choice. If they didn’t want to take the plunge just […]

Here’s what the iPhone 14 Pro’s new selfie cam cutout will look like

14 Jan 22 | Mac

With many months to go until Apple unveils the iPhone 14 to the world, we’re already starting to get a […]

Kaleidoscope review: Spotting the little things you can’t see

14 Jan 22 | Mac

At a glance Expert’s Rating Price When Reviewed $149.99 Best Prices Today Letter Opener GmbH $149.99 Squinting at two documents […]

Protect your privacy with this lifetime password manager

14 Jan 22 | Mac

Between work, entertainment, and just accessing your bills, virtually everything on the internet requires an account and a password now. Remembering […]