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Apple’s AR headset again tipped to arrive within months–but will it?

24 Jun 22 | Mac

After a rare bit of candor from Tim Cook in an interview this week, we have more reason to believe […]

Best Mac antivirus software 2022: Security Software Compared

24 Jun 22 | Mac

Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but they’re not immune from attack. Even if […]

Apple, please stop killing the things we hate

24 Jun 22 | Mac

Apple is known for its propensity to kill its own children, but it’s easy to overlook the tragic number of […]

Apple’s Back to School sale now on: Get $150 in Vouchers

24 Jun 22 | Mac

Apple holds a Back to School promotion (now known as the Higher Education Offer to avoid confusion) every year and […]

Tim Cook on an Apple AR headset: ‘Stay tuned and you’ll see’

23 Jun 22 | Mac

Are you excited about Apple possibly launching an augmented reality headset? Tim Cook sure is. You probably already figured that, […]

iOS 16 developer beta 2 is available—here’s how to get it

22 Jun 22 | Mac

Every June, Apple announces and demonstrates the next version of iOS for your iPhone, but the update itself won’t actually […]

These 5 charts show the raw power of Apple’s next-gen M2 chip

22 Jun 22 | Mac

The next generation of Apple silicon has arrived. In our review of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, we got our first […]

iOS 16 is coming to rid your iPhone of those annoying CAPTCHAs

21 Jun 22 | Mac

iOS 16, Apple’s upcoming software update for the iPhone, contains numerous high-profile new features. But some of the more obscure […]