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Google Introduces New Nest Audio Smart Speaker

At its Launch Night In event, Google is introducing a new smart speaker. Along with the new Pixel phones, the […]

Redesigned Android TV is Reportedly in the Works

Back in March, we reported that Google could be working on a new Chromecast Ultra device powered by Android TV. […]

Alphabet Earnings: Google’s Hardware, Services Business See Little Growth (Premium)

Google’s “other revenues” business, which includes G Suite, Pixel, Home, and Nest, barely grew-year over-year. To access this post, you […]

Nest Joins Google As Alphabet Doubles Down on Smart Home

Nest, Alphabet’s smart home security subsidiary, is joining Google today. The merger of the two firms will likely pave the […]

Deep Dive: The AI Innovations Across Google’s 2017 Devices Lineup

This year, Google is taking a bite out of Apple. I previously made the case that AI is how Google […]

Nest Announces a More Affordable Smart Thermostat

31 Aug 17 | Nest, smart home, Windows

Nest has announced a new and more affordable version of its smart thermostat, called Nest Thermostat E. “We set out […]