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Google Opens Up Street View to All Users

Google today announced that it will allow anyone to contribute to the Street View feature in Google Maps using just […]

Google Maps Improves on CarPlay, Returns to Apple Watch

Google today announced a major update to Google Maps for Apple CarPlay and the return of its app for Apple […]

Google Maps Introduces New Features for Safer Travel

Google is introducing new features for Google Maps to include information about COVID-19. The company is introducing a number of […]

Google Maps Turns 15, Gets New Features, Icon

Google this week is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of Google Maps by adding several new features to […]

Google Maps Now Has an Incognito Mode on iPhones

Google is introducing a brand new feature for Google Maps on iPhones. The feature introduces more options for added privacy […]

Google Maps Now Gives You Detailed Voice Directions for Walking

10 Oct 19 | Google, Google Maps, Windows

Google is improving its voice directions for Google Maps in order to improve the experience for people with visual impairments. […]

Google Tries to Make up for the Death of Google Trips

Earlier this week, Google shutdown its Google Trips app, disappointing some of the long-time users of the service. Today, Google […]

Google Officially Launches New AR-guided Navigation on Android and iOS

Back in 2018, Google showed off a new Google Maps feature that uses AR to give you directions. It was […]