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Meta Receives €1.3 Billion Fine For Sending EU Facebook Data to the US

Meta has received a €1.2 billion fine from the European Union for violating local data privacy rules. To be compliant […]

EU Could Make Streaming Services Help Pay for Telecom Upgrades

Lawmakers in the European Union have introduced a proposal that would make Netflix and other heavy users of bandwidth help […]

Microsoft Will Let Its EU Cloud Customers Process and Store Data Locally

Microsoft announced today that it will start rolling out the EU Data Boundary for its cloud services on January 1, […]

EU Held €387K Metaverse Party For Fewer Than 10 People

While Meta and other companies are investing billions of dollars in the “Metaverse,” we’ve had a pretty clear sign this […]

Report: Microsoft Could Soon Offer EU Concessions Regarding Activision Deal

Microsoft is reportedly ready to make some concessions to EU regulators as it seeks to complete its $68 billion acquisition […]

EU to Make USB-C the Standard Charging Port Starting in 2024

The European Parliament approved today new rules that will force phone manufacturers to use a USB-C port for charging starting […]

EU Aims to Open Up Big Tech’s Walled Gardens with Digital Markets Act

Image credit: Håkan Dahlström The European Union could soon force Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft to change their commercial practices […]

EU Companies Complain that Chinese Sanction Favors U.S. Tech Firms

25 Dec 20 | China, Cloud, EU, European Union, Windows

EU tech firms complain the U.S. sanctions against Huawei and SMIC shuts them out of the Chinese tech market while […]

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