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Google Wear is Coming to Fitbit and Samsung Devices

Google announced today that it is collaborating with Samsung to bring the best of Wear and Tizen into what it […]

The First Wear OS Developer Preview Is All About Battery Life

Earlier this month, Google ditched the Android Wear brand for a new, universal branding: Wear OS. The company’s smartwatch platform […]

Google Ditches the Android Wear Brand

Android Wear is failing, and Google is getting rid of the Android Wear brand this week. The company is introducing […]

Android Wear is Google’s Windows Phone Moment (Premium)

Google controls the dominant personal computing platform. So why isn’t Android Wear even remotely successful? To access this post, you […]

Google: Over 20 Android Wear 2.0 Watches are Coming This Year

It’s fair to say that Google’s Android Wear platform has been a spectacular failure. But they keep trying. And Google’s […]