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Alexa Will Finally Let You Connect Your Alarms With Your Smart Lights

Posted October 29, 2019 | Alexa | Amazon | smart home | Smart Lights | Windows

Amazon’s Alexa is probably one of the most powerful virtual personal assistants you can get on any smart speaker right now. And although Amazon has been making Alexa more powerful with every new update, it still lacks some important features.

And one of those important features was the ability to connect your smart lights to things like alarms and sleep timers. That’s finally changing, though — at least in the United States.

Alexa finally lets you connect your smart lights to your alarms and sleep timers. And that means you can now get Alexa to wake you up and turn your lights on at the same time. You can say things like “Set an alarm for [time] with lights.” or “Set a light alarm for [time] with my [smart home lighting device name] every day.”

Your smart lights can now work with Alexa’s Sleep Timers, too. So that means Alexa can now slowly dim the lights as your sleep timer ends, which is pretty handy. And for non-dimmable lights, Alexa will simply turn off the lights once the timer ends.

And last but not least, you can now add dimming or brightening bulbs to Alexa routines to automate your morning routine.

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