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When will Face ID come to Mac?

25 Jan 21 | Mac

Apple’s Face ID facial recognition feature has been available on iPhone and iPad since 2017 and 2018 respectively, so you […]

Microsoft Takes on M1 MacBook Pro in New Surface Ad

Microsoft not so subtly mocks the new M1-based MacBook pro in a video ad that designed to look like it […]

Face ID on iMac 'pushed back to 2022'

25 Jan 21 | Mac

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple plans to add Face ID support to the iMac, but it probably […]

In 2021, Mac owners will get everything they want

25 Jan 21 | Mac

Not much will happen to the Mac in the spring, if we are to believe the rumour mill, but things […]

Razer Book 13 First Impressions

Long associated with gaming, Razer stakes a claim in the premium portable PC market with its impressive-looking Book 13. This […]

Xbox Two: The Unforced Errors

24 Jan 21 | Games, Premium, Windows, Xbox

Xbox Two: The Unforced Errors – Premium It has been an interesting week in the land of Xbox, the […]

Happy Birthday Macintosh!

24 Jan 21 | Mac

January 22, 1984, the Superbowl Sunday of that year, did not remain in collective memory because of the clear 38:9 […]

Beneath a Surface Commentary: The The Pawn for Windows 10 S (Premium)

Beneath a Surface Commentary: The The Pawn for Windows 10 S (Premium) – Premium If you want to follow […]

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